Paternity DNA testing offers fast, accurate, paternity results in 3-5 business days. If you’re one of the millions of people who have questions about paternity, then Identigene is for you. You may even be entitled to child support, social security or other benefits that can help you and your child. Best of all, you’ll finally know.

Paternity DNA testing is one undeniable way of determining your baby’s (or your own) heritage. If you are interested in uncovering this information simply for your own purposes, the one website which offers a home paternity DNA testing kit is  They, along with a variety of other labs and services which provide paternity DNA testing, also offer legal testing, which can help establish parentage for court evidence in various cases such as divorce which involves custody or child support; immigration or visa applications, and inheritance cases and estate settlements.

You will also find several other home test kits (just be prepared to put in some research time and Google the topic of DNA paternity tests). You can purchase most all of these online; however, Identigene is currently the only home paternity test which you can purchase at your local pharmacy.

The results of paternity DNA testing can be life-altering, hopefully for the better in the lives of the children involved. If you were adopted and are wanting more information about your biological parents for your own health and general information, paternity DNA testing is one means by which you can learn quite a lot.

DNA Paternity testing kits range in price from around $299 up to $599, depending upon how detailed you need the results report to be.The most expensive option involves a medical technician traveling to your home where she/he will administer the test..

DNA testing can help you (or your child), armed with knowledge about the parents’ medical background prepare for and possibly even avoid  potential health challenges which tend to be hereditary. This is one very crucial element that could possibly turn the tide of someone’s quality of life, just by the sheer information gathering that comes as a result of accurate and accredited DNA testing. Advancements in technology associated with DNA testing have grown by leaps and bounds the past few decades; so not only can law enforcement agencies often solve a cold case via DNA testing, but more easily now than ever before, people can learn about their own heritage in order to gain important medical knowledge as well as other avenues of biological family history.

Currently, the most common type of DNA paternity testing involves a cheek swab for saliva, which contains plentiful amounts of DNA, which then goes to an accredited lab for the work-up, results and report. So painful blood tests are essentially a thing of the past when it comes to doing DNA testing.

Whatever your odyssey of learning more about your parentage and ancestry provides you, in the long run, it’s good to remember that your ethics, traditions, customs and beliefs all go into making you who you are – not merely your genetic heritage. We wish you the best on your quest for self-enlightenment, or for winning your court case, if that is your motivation for doing a DNA paternity test.

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