AncestryDNA is arguably the most popular DNA testing service available today. It has won some of the most respected awards among all of the DNA testing services and it is great for all kinds of ancestry records you may be looking for. Though it is more expensive than other services, you can get a wealth of information regarding your family tree as well as your genetic makeup. Many people have found family members through the service, and the process is simple.


After a 14-day free trial, AncestryDNA offers different plans to choose from:

  1. S. Discovery Plan: $19.99/month or $99/year. This plan gives users access to all U.S. records in the Ancestry database.
  2. World Explorer Plan: $34.99/month or $149/year. This plan gives users access to all U.S. records as well as international records in the Ancestry database.
  3. All Access Plan: $44.99/month or $199/year. This plan gives users access to all Ancestry records as well as a basic subscription and a subscription.

Regarding DNA analysis, the price for a single test is $99, however there is usually a deal for $69 or so.

How It Works

AncestryDNA is available on all computers and tablets, and it also offers apps for Android phones and iPhones. To begin, you choose a plan from the aforementioned options and enter payment information.  There is then an option to upload genealogy files you may have such as Legacy or Family Tree Maker. Once that’s done, as with other services, you will enter all of your known family members into your family tree. The more you put, the more ancestral “hits” you will get.

After your tree is made, AncestryDNA gives you hints that you can sort through to determine if a specific person belongs on your tree. You have the ability to accept these hints and add the suggestions to your tree. Other than hints, AncestryDNA can provide you with information about your past, including information that could be 1,000 years old and can show you where your ancestors originated.

As for the DNA testing option, AncestryDNA is exactly like many other services. You simply order a kit, collect a cheek swab, return it in the pre-packaged label, and then await the results. AncestryDNA boasts that it searches 5 times more regions than other DNA testing services so that you can see all of the regions you are from. You can also make use of the Migrations feature, which can trace your ancestors and see how they got to wherever you are located. Results take about 6 to 8 weeks to process. You can log in to your account to view the results and see your potential or definite matches.


With the family tree and DNA testing options, AncestryDNA offers bundles of information at a flat rate. The portal is user friendly and the service will connect you with other people based on your DNA and your family tree. There are countless real-life stories detailing how AncestryDNA has helped people find their family members, and you could be one of those too.

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