Beta Paternity are a private organization that provide paternity testing to a worldwide audience. They have been in business since 1996 and have a Beta Self-Collection Kit which they say is one of the quickest, easiest and most accurate home paternity testing kits on the market. The company is located in Ohio and owns the website They also claim that their testing is 99.9999% accurate when the supposed father, mother and child are all tested.

How Does It Work?
The company sell one main product: their Home Paternity Testing Kit which can be purchased online for just $199. It tests the mother, child and the possible father. Like many other home DNA testing kits, Beta Paternity’s kit allows you to give a DNA sample by swabbing the inside of your cheek. Each person to be tested receives four Buccal Swabs with special envelopes also provided. Swab as much as your cheek as possible and immediately place the swabs into separate labeled envelopes. Seal the envelopes and place them back into the collection kit which is then sent off to the one of the company’s many labs. You receive the kit within 24 hours of ordering and you can expect to receive results in as little as three working days.

Additional Information
One thing that sets Beta Paternity apart from the rest of the home testing paternity kit organizations on the market is the fact that they test every sample twice. Generally, only chain of custody labs perform this task. With two samples, the lab can then compare them side by side to ensure that no mix-ups or other mistakes have been made. This is a serious problem in other labs where a simple error can cause countless problems for a family.

DNA markers are used by scientists as a way to identify humans. A marker is essentially a small, recurring DNA sequence. The number of times a repeat is found in a marker varies from person to person. Generally, 13 DNA markers are said to be enough for positive identification but more is better. As a consequence, Beta Paternity use 16 DNA markers.

The company also offer a Double Guarantee to customers. First of all, they guarantee a 99.9999% accuracy rate when mother, child and possible father are involved with a 99.99% reading if the mother is not tested. They also guarantee that your results will be available within 3 business days of them arriving in one of their labs.

Beta Paternity also has a number of other services such as:

  • Prenatal Paternity Test
  • Maternity Test
  • Grandparentage Test
  • Twin Zygosity Test – Finds out whether twins are identical or not

Beta Paternity offers a useful service and their 16 DNA markers and double testing ensures extreme accuracy. The only real problem with the service is the fact that it is not legally binding. However, Beta Paternity are closely related to DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) which does provide legally binding paternity tests. Those who take a test with Beta Paternity are entitled to a $100 discount if they decide to undergo a legally binding test with DDC.


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