Gtldna, otherwise known as the Genetic Testing Laboratories Inc., specialize in providing DNA tests for predisposed conditions and paternity testing. They are based in New Mexico and claim to have a 99.999% accuracy rate. Their site displays a litany of qualifications including the fact that they are accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and are an ISO 9001 Compliant Facility. This slew of certificates is reassuring and lets customers know that their DNA is in safe hands.

The procedures offered by the company are:

  • DNA Predisposition Test – $265
  • The $79 Paternity Test Kit
  • The $95 Collect and Send Today Paternity Test
  • The Legally Binding Paternity Test – $230

DNA Predisposition Testing
The purpose of this test is to find out whether or not you are predisposed towards certain medical conditions. This test can find out if you are susceptible to any one of 25 conditions including Lupus, Obesity, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s. You give them saliva and send it off to the company. Gtldna provides an express courier service and this is included in the price. If you live outside mainland USA, you will need to pay an extra $45. You should receive your results online within 2-4 weeks which includes a personalized report explaining your lifetime risk to the 25 diseases covered by the test.

The $79 Paternity Test Kit
This is a quick test that can help you find out whether or not you are the father of a child. 16 genetic markers are used in this test which tests the father, child and mother ($15 extra to test the mother). You will have the results online within 5 business days. You can choose between giving Buccal Swabs (collects DNA from inside your cheek) or blood samples. You can have the test within 24 hours for $400, $175 for next business day release, $125 for release after two days and $75 extra for results after three days.

$95 Collect And Send
This allows you to fill out forms, send off for the containers, give your samples and send them off. You will receive the results in 3-5 business days.

Legally Binding Paternity Test
Like the $79 test, the Legally Binding Paternity Test uses 16 genetic markers and offers Buccal Swabs or blood samples. It is different because Gtldna also offer legally binding status which includes proof of the identity of the test subjects and a chain of custody for the provided samples which must also include at least one witness. There are a host of other legal requirements and Gtldna fulfils them which is why this test is more expensive than the $79 option.

The prices on offer make it easier than ever to settle issues of parentage. The legally binding test is a must-have for those involved in messy child support proceedings and can settle a very sensitive debate within a few days. The courier service is an excellent addition and the tests are almost always completely accurate. The same problems with parental testing remain however. It is too easy to cheat on the test unless a witness is present which makes the Legally Binding test a necessity. Those who are serious about the issue of parentage will ignore the cheap options and be 100% safe with the legal option.

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