HomeDNA.com claims to have a testing procedure that cannot be beaten by any other home testing kit. It is another organization that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. The base level of accuracy for home testing kits is set at 99%. HomeDNA are happy to announce that their basic level of accuracy is around 99.999% which is approximately 1,000 times above the basic level.

How Does It Work?
The site’s home testing procedure is remarkably similar to that of other sites. You have to:

  • Register Your Kit Online: Fill in the online form available on the site and enter the serial number of your kit once you receive it.
  • Take Samples: The kit includes a number of swabs which must be used to swipe the inside of your cheek. You then return the samples by placing them in a special envelope before sending them off to the company lab.
  • Results: In approximately 5 business days, you will receive your results which can be viewed online.

The HomeDNA Paternity Testing System costs just $78 and for that you receive all the necessary testing equipment which has been approved by the FDA. This test is designed for the possible father and child with an additional $25 to be paid if the mother is also to be tested. As this greatly increases the accuracy, customers are encouraged to avail of this option. It is possible to receive the results of this test overnight for just $12. The current price is a special offer as the product normally costs $150.

Other Information
HomeDNA use 16 DNA markers in their tests which is more or less industry standard. We know that a child inherits DNA from its mother and father, both of whom have 23 chromosomes. As each parent gives exactly half of the child’s DNA, a child is born with 23 pairs of chromosomes. There are specific DNA sequences in each pair that are analyzed and used to identify the parents of the child. The key to determining parenthood is through testing of these DNA sequences.

You can also get the testing system for just $8 which is the cost of shipping. You will be able to test yourself and the child but in order to receive the results, you still have to pay the $150 to cover lab fees. In this instance, adding an extra person costs $85 which means the original system is a far better bet at just $78.

HomeDNA seems to offer a solid paternity test but there is nothing remarkable about it. There are more accurate testing kits. Beta Paternity’s kit achieves a 99.9999% accuracy which is 10 times more accurate. Also, it is not clear whether the 99.999% claim is for the paternity test where the mother is involved or not. This is significant; a test with the mother’s DNA can be between 10-100 times more accurate. That being said, HomeDNA’s special offer price of $78 is tempting and is well below the hundreds of dollars charged by other organizations. They also use 16 DNA markers so customers know that the company is definitely a professional outfit and produce extremely accurate results.

Updated HomeDNA Review (December 2017):

HomeDNA is a testing service available to give users information on their ancestry, but it also can provide genetic information about pets. It comes at a higher price than other services, but it also provides more detailed results. It analyzes the migration patterns of users’ ancestors and offers several different DNA testing packages. HomeDNA also offers services that can process raw data from other home DNA services such as 23andMe.

How does it work?

The HomeDNA process is the same as most other DNA services:

  • Place your order and wait for your kit to arrive
  • Collect your DNA sample via a cheek swab
  • Register your kit online, which is simple. Plus, the website provides good instructions
  • Return the kit in the pre-paid mailer
  • Wait for your results. Timing can vary based on which test kit you chose.

What tests does HomeDNA offer? 

HomeDNA offers ancestry tests, health tests, and pet’s tests.

Options for ancestry tests include:

  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test that pinpoints exactly where your ancestry began for $199;
  • DNA Origins Maternal Lineage that traces your mother’s ancestral line for $69;
  • DNA Origins Paternal Lineage that traces your father’s ancestral line for $69;
  • HomeDNA Starter Ancestry Test that determines your ancestry and then shows you where your DNA is most present today for $69;
  • Vitagene Health Report + Ancestry that links your genetic information with diet/exercise/health information for $99; and
  • The aforementioned option of uploading raw data from another DNA analysis service for $39.

Options for health tests include:

  • HomeDNA Healthy Weight: This test looks at your genetic markers to determine the ones that influence your weight. A personalized plan is provided with recommendations for the ideal diet and exercise for your body. Results come back in about three weeks and the price is $119.00.
  • HomeDNA Skin Care: This test looks at your genetic markers to determine your skin’s genetic makeup and it then offers suggestions as to what type of skincare products you should use (e.g. fine lines and wrinkle cream, supplements, sunscreen, etc.). Results come back in about three weeks and the price is $99.00.
  • HomeDNA Paternity: HomeDNA claims this is “America’s #1 selling paternity test.” It works for one (potential) father and one child. Results come back the next day and the price is $144.00.
  • Joint Care DNA Test: This test looks at your genetic markers to determine how your joints work. The report provides you with a wealth of information about your joint health and recommended diet and exercise routines. Results come back in about a month and the price is $49.

Options for the Pets Tests include:

  • Mixed-Breed Dog Identification DNA Test and Life Plan: This test gives you the genetic makeup of your dog and recommends nutrition plans for him or her. Results come back in about three weeks and the price is $109.
  • Cat DNA Health Screen and Life Plan: This test looks for more than 40 genetic diseases and traits. Results come back in about three weeks and the price is $109.
  • Dog DNA Health Screen and Life Plan: This test looks for more than 100 genetic diseases and traits. Results come back in about three weeks and the price is $109.



The health analysis and pets options from HomeDNA are on par with other services. The ancestry services don’t provide much information on how to analyze or research your past, but if you’re looking for a service that provides a thorough look at the migration patterns of your ancestors, HomeDNA might be for you.

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  1. Michelle Harris

    I am trying to find out how to get a DNA to prove or disprove my Native American heritage. Can you do such a test to show what tribe I am from, my mom I is full blooded Blackfoot/Sioux and my fahter is half Cherokee. I want to find out what I am and where I stand with this. Please help.

    Searching for Answers

    Michelle Harris

  2. Chris Doody

    Both parents are deceased but I would like to know my heritage. I have been told I am part Native American but want verification.

    Do I need other blood relatives to find the answer or is my mouth swab enough?
    Thank you!

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