is an extremely user-friendly website to navigate; it gives lists of the various stores where you can purchase their DNA test. In fact, they have a corner on this market as they are the ONLY service which offers a paternity test which is available at your local pharmacy. CVS, Meijer, RiteAid and Walgreen’s are some of the locations where you’ll find the test. Their site even has a local store finder, or you can elect to purchase your test online.

Identigene is a fully accredited DNA Paternity Testing Laboratory, and has an excellent track record of providing accurate result probabilities (more than 99.99%). You’ll receive your Paternity Test results within 2 to 3 business days after the samples have arrived at the lab.

Identigene’s website has a very informative FAQ page. They offer the Home Paternity Test as well as a Legal Paternity Test, They also have tests for other relationships DNA testing – for example, maternity, grandparent, sibling, twin, aunt and uncle, in addition to other extended family members’ relationships. If you elect to use one of the At Home kits, more to bring you peace of mind than anything else, that’s worth a lot. However, if you need a Legal purpose test performed in order to establish grounds for immigration, child support, legal custody or divorce, they offer that option as well.

This review of /identigene would not be complete without mentioning that they even have a short video on the website explaining how to accurately use the home Paternity Test. They’ve also been very thorough as to information inclusion when it comes to explaining clearly the difference between doing the home test and doing one for legal purposes. It’s well worth the time it takes to peruse their website in order to rest assured that all your questions are answered. Just FYI, Identigene also offers STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Should you prefer or feel the need to connect with a “live person” who can address your questions immediately, Identigene has experts available at their tollfree number to talk with you, as well as online chat experts.

You’ll get your DNA Paternity Test results back in a single page report. To maintain the highest standards of paternity test quality and efficiency, a variety of accreditation agencies regularly inspect and evaluate Identigene’s DNA paternity testing laboratory to guarantee adherence to standards of cleanliness, consumer privacy protection, competency and accuracy of results.

Overall, /identigene is recognized as a leader in their field, deaming them an excellent choice for accurate DNA paternity testing.

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  1. Arik Anderson

    I bought the basic DNA test from Walmart for $22 I was wondering does that test tell u whether someone is your father and I am there son. I am 38 years old trying to get peace and closure

  2. Hi, Arik. I work for IDENTIGENE, saw your question and am happy to give you answers! Our at-home kit has enough materials to collect DNA for one possible father + one child + the mother (although her participation is optional). The lab fee to test these participants is just $89. If your possible father is willing to test, then we can definitely get you the peace and closure you mentioned. If you have other questions, feel free to visit our website at or call us directly at 888-404-4363.

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