OneGreatFamily focuses heavily on family trees and linking people together as opposed to analyzing DNA and relying mostly on science. The service isn’t as detailed as others but it provides access to features like AfriGeneas and Find A Grave. With over 220 million unique entries, can help put together a tree with your relatives through a collaborative process.

Features and How It Works

OneGreatFamily offers a software program called GenealogyBrowser that provides users with a huge family tree. The software is only available to Windows users, so users with other devices have limited capabilities on a browser. As with most other genealogy services, OneGreatFamily prompts you to insert as much information about your known family members as you can, including birth dates and dates of death.

When you sign up, you will enter as much information as you know about your family tree and the service takes it from there to provide you with a huge map. The service allows user-inputted information and it also pulls data from third party websites such as PeopleSmart. You can collaborate with other people whilst keeping your own personal family tree. The system also searches for matches and automatically adds them to users’ trees.

One nice thing about OneGreatFamily is that it lets you see both individuals and a full map on your screen at the same time, so you can understand exactly which family member you’re looking at and where he or she fits in your family. You can sort through provided hints or simply click “clear” to tell the system that the hint is not a match for your tree.

A unique feature regarding OneGreatFamily is that the software automatically merges family trees once the same person is identified in both. Also, most other services have thousands of data dumps to sort through and many of them are the exact same thing. OneGreatFamily, however, sifts through all of the information available and removes duplicates. It also identifies people in your tree who may have a wealth of useful information regarding your lineage, and it gives you the option to connect with them.


You can get a free 7-day trial, which will automatically renew and charge your credit card when it’s over. Once the trial period is over, the two options available are to pay $14.95 a month or $79.95 a year. The annual subscription calculates out to about $6.67 a month, so many users opt for this subscription. OneGreatFamily is very open about the deadline to cancel during the free trial if you want to; however, there are numerous complaints from users who state they canceled yet were still being charged monthly.


If you’re looking for an ancestry service that will analyze your DNA in a lab and send you a detailed report regarding your genes and ancestral history, OneGreatFamily isn’t for you. If, instead, you are looking for a service where you can build a family tree and then add available data to it to trace your family’s history, the features and affordable price of OneGreatFamily might be a good investment for you.

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