Pathway Genomics is in the business of providing physicians with personal genetic testing reports which encompass such topics as diet and exercise, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and the extensive list goes on and on. By visiting their website, you can determine whether Pathway offers the tests you want and need. Their tests and results can also help doctors with an in-depth examination of such things as drug response, which help your physician identify drugs which may be either harmful or helpful to you, as well as helping to regulate dosage properly, in some cases. There are tests for carrier status with regard to over 70 recessive gene traits.  Pathway’s range of DNA tests can prove invaluable with pre-pregnancy planning and insight.

Pathway operates a federally certified and California licensed facility.  They take a great deal of pride in having a world-renowned science team and top-notch geneticists on staff. If you want to know more about their team and experts, they have information pages with complete background and expertise information available on their comprehensive website.

Pathway also employs only the highest quality of genetics expert counselors, who are available to discuss details of the genetic report with physicians and customers. They, as well as Pathway’s customer service representatives will also gladly discuss any pre-purchase questions. Additionally, the genetic counselors can assist with individual genetic report interpretation and offer counseling advice based upon those results. So thus far, this Pathway Genomics review is ranking five out of five stars.

Their site’s FAQ page, along with their staff’s bios and the facility’s strict adherence to federal and state regulations, should convince you that their work is stellar in every facet of the field of genetic testing. As you click through their site, you’ll also find pages that deal with their management staff, including their chief officers’ backgrounds and qualifications; they have a fascinating, informative blog titled DNAction, and a Newsroom page with press releases and up-to-date entries about Pathway’s recent newsworthy events and discoveries.

Compared to other genetic testing facilities, this Pathway Genomics review finds their services, staff, and level of physician and patient interaction to be outstanding. They are definitely a leader in the field of genetic testing, and one with whom any customer or physician can rest assured they will get all the insight, support and information possible from A to Z. Pathway obviously maintains the proper high operation standards necessary to deserve the reputation it has, and they also truly care about the people connected to the test results. A state-of-the-art scientific operation with heart – that’s definitely remarkable.

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  1. P. M. Mathai

    My wife & I, are genetically South Indians from the southern Indian state of Kerala. We are interested in getting your DNA test done, for checking predisposition to various medical risks. We are dravidians by race but there can be some genes from middle east due to active trade links for thousands of years. Is your test relevant for us? Is your test result only relevant for white Caucasians?

    We will be in USA for a few weeks in New York & Los Angeles. What is the charge for the two of us for getting the test done. How can we get this kit?

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